Best Comedy Clubs in Las Vegas

Best Comedy Clubs in Las Vegas

When you think of visiting Vegas, you think of booking tickets to the best shows, eating at the best buffets, and experiencing the best Vegas casinos. However, not many people realize the fun that’s in visiting a Las Vegas comedy club. There truly is nothing better than having a bucket of booze and laughing with friends while you watch both established and up and coming acts take the stage at one of these great comedy clubs in Las Vegas.

The LA Comedy Club

Located in the mall at the Stratosphere Hotel, the LA Comedy Club is a dark intimate space perfect for acts to get up on stage and do their thing. The owners of this club have had a presence on The Strip and have been promoting shows for over a decade. Aside from the feature and headliner show which takes place at 8 pm nightly, the club also hosts Marsha Warfield on the regular at 10 pm. The late night show, The Stool, hosted by the sociable Steven Roberts, can be watched on Saturdays at midnight and features comedians only presenting new material, who perform all over Vegas.

Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club

Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club

This comedy club is owned by Brad Garrett, who portrays Robert on Everybody Loves Raymond. Garrett takes the stage at his popular Vegas comedy club, located in the MGM Grand, from time to time. His place is modern with an elegant feel, but it’s still gritty, and everyone who’s anyone has frequented this club. You can never guess who will show up next. Once, Jerry Seinfeld did a surprise pop up and had the audience laughing until they cried for 40 whole minutes, and ever since, Garrett’s Comedy Club has been deemed the premiere comedy club on The Strip.

Las Vegas Live

Located in Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip, this club only brings out the best comedy right in front of you. The headliner, Edwin San Juan, fills the club with energy and entertainment each time he takes the stage. San Juan combines classic elements with current themes that will have you howling all night. Different comics, usually Los Angeles or Las Vegas based, complete the puzzle as his openers. This club is a must see if you’re looking for some gut-wrenching laughter.

Aces of Comedy

Aces of Comedy, located in The Mirage, hosts some of the biggest names in comedy every weekend. Only the biggest names in comedy are invited to headline and become one of the Aces. Only stand up comedians who sell out large shows and who have starred in top notch movies, sitcoms, and talk shows are invited to slay the audiences with their witty jokes. Some of the amazing comics that you can see on stage at Aces of Comedy include Jay Leno, Daniel Tosh, Kathy Griffin, and George Lopez. There are tons of options when it comes to hilarious comedy shows in Vegas, but Aces of Comedy never disappoints.

Aces of Comedy


Jokesters Comedy Club at The D is a nightly showcase for some of the best touring and Las Vegas based comedians performing. A rotating series of stand up comedians have audiences dying of laughter at this club. There’s over an hour of comedy presented nightly on stage and the show is not for the easily offended. The lineup never fails to deliver huge laughs and you can also hear great pre-show music, as well as exclusive drink specials, games, and giveaways. If you’re looking for some down and dirty laughter with tons of fun, don’t miss Jokesters at The D every night.

Laugh Factory

Many comic legends and icons have performed on the stage at the historic Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, and now, the world famous comedy club has made its way to Las Vegas. The original club opened up in 1979, and over the years, has hosted performances from comedic legends such as Ellen Degeneres, David Letterman, Robin Williams, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, and Damon Wayans, along with countless others. Not only does The Laugh Factory feature top performers, but they also showcase hilarious up and coming comedians on their way to the top. The Laugh Factory brings the same eclectic mix of stars and newcomers to its stage in The Tropicana and lives up to the legacy of the original club.

Final Thoughts

When visiting Vegas, there’s so much to see and do, and truthfully, you can’t make a visit to sin city without hitting up one of their famous casinos. However, if you’re like me, and don’t always feel like fighting the crowds, you can always visit Pokerstarscasino from any Vegas venue that offers wifi. You’ll still get the experience without having to fight for a slot machine. The best part about visiting a Vegas show is there’s no telling what you’ll see or experience, and remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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