Best Laurel and Hardy Movies

Laurel and Hardy are considered by many people to be the best comedy team that ever lived. During their time together they made several short films and feature length films, aside from performing on stage. Some of the very best of their movies are discussed here. One of the most famous and popular movies that Laurel and Hardy acted in was Sons of the Desert. The plot idea from the movie has been copied in subsequent movies. The two of them come up with a plan to sneak off to their lodge without their wives. They pretend that Hardy is suffering from exhaustion and needs to take a holiday. This 1933 movie was a big hit and is one of their best works.

Sons of the Desert

The short entitled the Music Box won an Oscar for the Best Live Action Short. This short was very simple. They had to push a piano up a flight of stairs. Much hilarity ensues as they struggle to do this. Another of their movies, Way out West, was nominated for an Oscar. In this movie the two have to deliver a deed to a gold mine, but as usual run into problems. This movie was done through Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and was actually produced by Stan Laurel himself.

Another short film, Brats sees both Laurel and Hardy acting as the parents and children in this 1931 twenty minute skit. This is one of the two movies where the duo were the only cast members of the movie. The other movie where it was just the two of them was the silent movie, Early to Bed. Another notable film was the 1939 film Flying Deuces in which Hardy actually sings.

Way out West

Busybodies in 1933 is a classic Laurel and Hardy movie, really highlighting the slapstick ability of the duo. They go to work at a sawmill where pretty much everything that can go wrong goes wrong with Hardy being beaten up a great deal as items fall on him or get thrown at him. In the movie Helpmates, Hardy tries to get Laurel to help him clean his house after a night of wild partying. Of course this does not work out well at all and all that Laurel can do is ruin Hardy’s clothes.

The full length feature film Devil’s Brother was produced by Hal Roach. This movie is highly entertaining and includes the slapstick comedy they are known for. There is some singing in this film and in the 1934 fantasy film, Babes in Toyland. Laurel and Hardy’s movie entitled A chump at Oxford sees the pair being enrolled at Oxford University where they fall victim to several pranks as part of hazing by the other undergraduates on the campus. Much hilarity ensues as they stumble and bumble their way along.

A notable short silent film is The Finishing Touch. In this film Laurel and Hardy have to build a house, which of course is not a good idea. This movie is hilarious with simple gags and physical comedy all the way.

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