Where to Learn New Jokes

Jokes are s very beautiful element of our daily lives that manage to make us laugh and brighten up our day. Comedy has been one of the main entertainment methods ever since Ancient times. The diversity of comedy styles grew as time passed but jokes are something that remained unchanged. They manage to take basic elements from our lives and transform them into something funny. There are many comedians that made a successful career from telling jokes and entertaining people. There are many ways to be funny, but jokes remain one of the safest ways. But learning new ones can be quite a challenge. We have listed some of the best ways to learn new jokes in order to help you become the funniest friend or the next comedy superstar.


Comedy movies are a great source of inspiration. Here you will see some of the most tested and well though-out jokes. Movie producers have to guarantee a good laugh the moment they state that the movie is a comedy. You may observe that many movies focus on specific situations that are transformed into a funny moment. Try to find inspiration from these scenes in order to develop new jokes.

Stand Up

Stand-up comedy is the perfect source if you want to have diversity. You can go to the local pub when they have a comedy night and see what the newest trends are. You will see that many comedians follow a certain pattern in their sketches and that each one of them has a certain style. You can take some of their jokes and alter them in order to be more original. If you want to see a comedian superstar, you can always search online. There are countless videos that show popular comedians. You can also get inspiration here. You can tell which one is better based on the reaction of the public.


There are also many books that can be also found online that have examples of jokes. There are many comedians that wrote books in which they explain the science behind making a good joke. You can also try this in order to build your own unique sketches. There are also books that give you examples of jokes from different cultures or different times. They are a great source of inspiration that will also help you discover the evolution of comedy over time. You will see that the theme of the jokes differs very much from culture to culture, and that the most intelligent way to build a joke is to take elements from the present.


You can also find countless websites that give examples of jokes. They are a very valuable source of inspiration. The jokes are usually put into categories based on the themes. If you want a joke that refers to sport for example, it is very easy to go on one of these websites and get inspired. These websites also have polls in which they try to find the funniest jokes. This is a very good way to see the best jokes to tell your friends.

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