Best Stand-up Comedy Spots in New York

Stand-up comedy has been considered one of the easiest ways to access comedy and have a good laugh from the comfort of your couch. The purpose of these shows is to mix the art of the comedy with the environment of a TV show. And the mixture is simply amazing. Their popularity started to grow sometimes in the 80’s when more and more people had access to cable and managed to have more programs. Some of the actors starring in these shows limited themselves only to this type of art because they simply fell in love with it.

Lately, the stand-up was moved from the movie studios to comedy clubs and people started to go there more and more frequently in order to have a joyful evening. There are countless comedy clubs in New York and choosing the right one can be quite challenging. We have listed some of the best comedy clubs where you can watch stand-up comedy in order to help you have a good New York experience.


Caroline’s is probably the most renowned comedy club in the Big Apple. The club was opened in the 80’s and ever since its popularity grew thanks to the diversity of artists. Famous names like Jerry Seinfeld had some of their performances here, and the list of famous names grew over the years. As the club is such a popular place, it’ no surprise that there’s a line at the entrance every evening. If you don’t want to wait, you can always choose to make a reservation in order to make sure that you get to the show. The quality standards are very high here, so if you see a comedian performing here, you should know that he or she is definitely very talented and popular.


Upright Citizens Brigade, or UCB, is another great place to see famous comedians perform. I was founded by three comedian friends, so you will often see comedy superstars dropping by to say hello and why not, or even have an impromptu performance. It is a very popular club and has a very wide variety of artists and sketches that will make you laugh all night long. They also serve good food and drinks that can complement the joyful evening.

Gotham Comedy Club

Gotham Comedy Club was opened in 1996 and ever since it managed to make a big name for itself. Many famous artists perform here, and you will see that often there are cameras that record the shows in order to broadcast them in comedy TV shows. There are many artists that strive to get the chance to perform here. The quality of the shows is very high, so you are guaranteed to have a good laugh.

Comedy Cellar

Comedy Cellar is another amazing comedy club that it is open until 2:30 am. So, if you find yourself in the city with the friends and randomly want to go to a late comedy show, this is the perfect place to go. They feature famous comedians like Chris Rock.

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