Friends Cast Still Makes Millions

Friends Cast Still Makes Millions

A few years ago, news from the world of streaming broadcasters caused quite a stir. Netflix reportedly paid the staggering $ 100 million for the right to broadcast the classic series Friends for another year. Previously, rumours had circulated that the broadcaster was planning to stop offering the sitcom in its program. The result was a storm of protest from fans. Those in charge reacted immediately and put the record amount on the table to continue broadcasting the ten seasons of the series. That is remarkable, after all, Friends ended back in 2004. But the fan base is still enormous. That is also noticeable in the box office of the main actors. You still make a fortune every year on the show.

The sum amounts to a whopping 20 million dollars per actor. According to industry experts, the show still makes a billion dollars a year. According to the contract, the six main actors get to two per cent of this. That makes appearing on the TV series a good deal for everyone involved. After all, not every career of the stars has taken the same good course. Jennifer Aniston has also managed to establish herself in Hollywood films. Many of her colleagues from back then only partially succeeded in doing this. They had more or less successful careers, according to Friends. But the contract, which secures them additional income, was a stroke of luck. Because actors do not always receive additional fees for a series rerun, they must include this passage in the original contracts; then, it will rain money. That is especially true if the show develops into a long-running hit, as in Friends.

Money Without Work

The cast of the TV hit The Big Bang Theory has recently also succeeded in this deal. The twelve seasons are still on heavy rotation across the world. That makes a lot of money for the stars without having to work for it. Experts estimate that the most popular leading actors in the series collect up to ten million dollars a year for reruns. Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons were responsible for making Big Bang Theory a worldwide hit. The producers are still making a billion dollars a year with it. One per cent of this income goes to the stars. With that, the financial boon for the actors continues abruptly. They were the highest-paid actors on TV until the end.

Money Without Work
Money Without Work

At the time, Jim Parsons made $ 26.5 million a year, Johnny Galecki $ 25 million and Kley Cuoco $ 24.5 million a year. At the moment, one can certainly assume that The Big Bang Theory will develop into a similarly successful show as Friends in the long term. But this sum seems downright ridiculous compared to the amounts that the star of the most successful TV series of all time has conceded in the USA. If you believe industry reports, Jerry Seinfeld has been able to look forward to fees of an unbelievable 400 million dollars since the end of his show Seinfeld. He collected this solely from the proceeds of the reruns. So it’s not surprising that he turned down a comeback years ago. Back then, the producers wanted to pay him a fee of just five million dollars per episode.

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